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Nebojša Bogdanović

Nebojša R. Bogdanović


Law Office Bogdanović has been founded by attorney Nebojša R. Bogdanović, in 1976, following the footsteps of his father attorney Radoslav – Duje Bogdanović whose law office was registered in the Attorneys Directory way back in 1931.


Attorney Nebojša Bogdanović, who is in retirement from July 2010, now acting as senior legal advisor in the Law Office Bogdanović, has been a successful attorney for many decades, working in legal matters that our law firm is specialized in, and particularly as a patent representative at the Intellectual Property Bureau.


He has been awarded a special prize – Charter of the Bar Association of Serbia, for his longtime honourable and successful work in the bar, which has contributed to its good reputation.


He is a member of the Legal Council of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander Karadjordjević II.