Attorney Mileva A. Bogdanović

Atorney Mileva A. Bogdanović

Mileva A. Bogdanović

Attorney Mileva A. Bogdanović was registered in the Attorneys Directory of Belgrade in 1977, and ever since she has been continuously providing services of representation and legal counselling in the fields of extra-contractual and contractual liability for damages with foreign entities, as well as insurance law and commercial law both with domestic and foreign entities.


Presently, she is also mediator judge at the First Basic Court in Belgrade and the Commercial Court in Belgrade.


She is a member of various local and foreign professional associations, such as Association of Insurance Law Support, Pan-European Organization of Personal Injury Lawyers PEOPIL, American International Society “Who is Who” in the world and others.


She is the author of several expert and scientific papers in the field of international private law, international adjustment of damages etc.


She served two terms as a member of the Administrative Board of the Bar Association of Belgrade, and one term as Administrative Board’s Secretary General, she served as disciplinary prosecutor at the Bar Association of Belgrade, she served several terms as a delegate at the Assembly of the Bar Association of Serbia, as well as member of the committee for the elaboration of various laws before the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia and the Bar Association of the Republic of Serbia.